About Me

andy1-300x226Hi, I’m Andy Griffiths. No, I’m not the Australian children’s book author or the Sheriff of Mayberry but I have worked as an animator and cartoonist since 1990.

I’ve always had a passion for comic art and cartooning and I love to pass on my knowledge and experience to others. I firmly believe that drawing skills can be taught and have little to do with “Talent” and everything to do with hard work.

I began my cartooning career working for Siriol Animation in Cardiff, South Wales and have since worked in-house for Universal Pictures, Warner Bros Feature Animation, Warner Bros Consumer Products and as a freelancer for many others.

I currently live in Kaiwaka, Northland, New Zealand, with my wife Amy, daughter Josie and son Alex. In addition to teaching cartooning and comics, I work full time as a freelance illustrator. My website www.andygriffiths.com is where I showcase my latest work.